“Our Team” – it actually starts with you! You have a support group of people that are linked with the common interest, YOU. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals, trained in health disciplines from around the world that are passionate about their profession.

Ramona Wallace, D.O.

Functional Medicine


“It’s not the title that changes the way you can influence the community but rather it’s the community’s influence on you that gives you the power, knowledge, and strength to change the world. That is what creates heath.”   After spending 25 years in Family Practice, Ramona has learned more from her patients and the community than in all the years of medical training. Discovering that she always was a Functional Medicine doctor, she decided to study for certification in this up and coming medical modality at the Institute for Functional Medicine. It is the systems approach to creating health and vitality in our lives and she says it’s time to bring it on in our community.   Dr. Wallace graduated from Michigan State University and completed a dual Residency in Family Practice in 1993,  spent the first 16 years in private practice, delivering babies, taking care of families and being a part of a small rural community. In 2009 she was offered a great opportunity to practice community medicine and public health in Muskegon. Since that time, she has been studying the discipline of Functional Medicine to become systems oriented and knowledgeable about how nutrition, the mind, body, and spirit play the most important role in achieving health.   She continues to be dedicated to the community and works toward raising awareness about achieving a “Cavity Free Future” through the Muskegon Oral Health Coalition. She is deep in the research about the “Adverse Childhood Experience” and it’s effect on health.     Dr. Wallace continues as a Clinical Associate Professor at MSU COM, has published in peer reviewed journals in Clinical Pediatrics and is a strong advocate in the development of a healthy community. She shares all of this with the most important part of her life, her three children.


Deirdre Kohley, RPh

Pharmacist, Health Coach


As an owner-team member of Bluewater Wellness, Deirdre (Dee) Kohley has realized her dream of spreading the word about Functional Medicine. Having spent over 35 years as a pharmacist, she has watched the downward spiral in the health of our community and the change in the way health care is delivered. It’s time to educate those suffering from chronic illness and show them a way to wellness.   After graduating from Ferris State University, her first years were as an inpatient hospital pharmacist, outpatient pharmacy manger and retail pharmacy manager. The past few years have been the most exciting as she began her Functional Medicine studies. As member of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M ), she became proficient in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and the role nutrition and lifestyle play in overall health and vitality.   Taking a yearlong life coach and energy leadership training course from iPEC gave her the skills needed to help people unlock their true potential.  Deirdre has used that knowledge in combination with her experience as a pharmacist  and her post graduate studies, to set up programs for individuals and groups so that they may succeed in attaining their health goals.   A lifelong resident of Western Michigan, Dee lives with her husband Alan in Muskegon and loves the frequent visits of their 7 children and their families. As leader in the health and wellness movement, her passion for helping those who are ready to get back to feeling their best and those who are ready to biohack their way to vitality is now set in motion.   A Health Coach helps others achieve their health and wellness goals by providing science- based, trusted information, positive encouragement, and continued motivation.