Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I keep having all these symptoms?

Your body is communicating with you, you just were never taught to listen. Symptoms are clues that there is an underlying problem in the body’s innate ability to function as nature intended. Functional medicine is about the structure and function of the body and is the main impetus around Bluewater Wellness incorporating multidisciplinary practitioners to help you create a path to optimal health.

Why do you only have 12 & 24 week programs?

We are passionate about health care and about you, and wellness takes time. We are committed to partnering with you, to go as far as you are willing to go, to enjoy a healthy vibrant life. We look at lifestyle, diet, genetics, personal history, and environment. Our alternative approach will educate you and show you how to use resources that traditional medicine has missed.

What is a Wellness Coach?

Our wellness coaches help you find the motivation and tools to get to your oimal physical and emotional health goals. Some goals might include weight loss, eating better, quitting smoking, lowering stress, and dealing with pain. We will help you make better general choices that fit your lifestyle and move you towards abundant living and vitality.